Gifts and crafts handmade in North Wales by Jenny Jones.

Blue and green sequinned fish keyring 11 - pic 1

Fish – sequinned


These lovely vibrant fish are made from felt. They are completely handmade and each sequin has been sewn on by hand to create the effect of scales. Most of the fish have over 100 hand sewn sequins. They have beads for eyes and a keyring attachment is sewn to the nose.

The sequined fish keyrings are for decorative purposes, for a key that is only used occasionally. They are not robust enough to be added to a keyring with other items on and may lose sequins. The keyrings are filled completely with non-organic filling.

This is a lovely item to have hanging on your key rack. You could have different colours to denote different keys, but you could also hang them as a decoration.

These little fish make an ideal present for any occasion or age group.

Small and light to post, they are an original gift idea for friends and relatives overseas.

Any item can be sent direct to the recipient and gift wrapped for a small additional charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Every fish is unique; the colours of bodies and of scales vary and I cannot guarantee to deliver any specific colour combination – but I’m sure you’ll be delighted with whichever of these lovely keyrings you receive.

The fish measure approximately 12 x 5 cm

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