Gifts and crafts handmade in North Wales by Jenny Jones.

Happy Bag - pic 1

Happy Bag


These little bags of joy are the perfect gift to let someone know you are thinking of them. Each voile bag contains: a candle, a piece of string, a penny, a heart, a marble, a rubber, and a teddy bear.

Each bag also carries a label with the text:

A candle to light your way
A piece of string for when you need to hold it all together
A penny so you will never be poor
A heart so you know you are always loved
A marble for the days when you are losing yours
A rubber to get rid of mistakes
A teddy bear to give you a hug when you need it

Happy bags are one of the most popular products that I sell and as a result are often out of stock.

Bag may vary in colour, and the size of heart or eraser may vary, but they all contain the same items.

If you would like to order in bulk for a wedding or celebration, please contact me to discuss the options.

100 in stock