Gifts and crafts handmade in North Wales by Jenny Jones.

Birds – chunky


These lovely birds have a more contemporary design and larger body than the classic version. They are made with felt, completely hand sewn using a blanket stitch with colourful embroidery thread. They have a contrasting felt wing on each side, secured by blanket stitch, and a bead for an eye. They are hung by a colourful ribbon attached with a contrasting button.

PLEASE NOTE: Every bird is unique; the colours of bodies and of wings vary and I cannot guarantee to deliver any specific colour combination – but I’m sure you’ll be delighted with whichever of these lovely birds you receive.

Each bird is packed with Norfolk Lavender. and are perfect for adding a lovely scent and splash of colour to your wardrobe, drawers and even your car.

Add them to a door handle and activate the scent whenever you brush past.

Hang a lavender bird next to your bed to relax you and help you get to sleep. Add them to the storage in your caravan or motor home.

Their subtle fragrance will fill any room with a relaxing a calming aroma. They are also lovely as decorations to hang on your Christmas Tree or Easter display

These birds make an ideal present for any occasion or age group and the fragrance last for years.

Small and light to post they are an original gift idea for friends and relatives overseas.

Any item can be sent direct to the recipient and gift wrapped for a small additional charge .

These items are for decorative purposes and should not be given as toys to young children or babies

Size approximately 9 x 5.5 cm

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